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track your fish with thisfish

( With so much discussion lately about sustainable seafood and eating local, have you ever wished you could learn more about the fish for sale at your local grocery store? If you do your shopping at Thrifty Foods, you can now find out everything there is to know about the fish you buy - even the name of the fishers who caught it and what techniques they used to bring it in - through their partnership with the innovative program ThisFish, created by Vancouver-based non-profit Ecotrust Canada.

ThisFish is an online tracking system that works with fishers, processors, and stores to track a fish starting the moment it's caught. When you buy fish with a ThisFish label, you can go online to get the precise details about how your fish made its way to your plate.

  1. A fisherman or woman catches the fish and assigns it a unique code (marked on a tag or label).
  2. The fisher uploads the information specific to that fish into the ThisFish database, including when and where the fish was caught, the fishing methods used to bring it in, the name of the fishing boat and the fishers, and any eco-certification information about that particular fishery.
  3. At each stage of the fish's journey to the store, processors and handlers add information about the work they do.
  4. The fish in the store is labeled with the same code that has been used throughout the process.
  5. When you bring the fish home (or using your smartphone in the store), you can enter the code at to learn all about your fish.

For now, ThisFish labels are only available in the Lower Mainland at Thrifty Foods Stores. In other parts of Canada, ThisFish labels are available at Sobeys stores.

You can learn more about how ThisFish works by watching the video below.

Tell us: So, what do you think? Does knowing where your fish came from and how it was caught sound appealing? Would you actually enter your ThisFish code into your computer to get all the details? Let us know in the comments!

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