Santa's Panforte

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed This nut and dried fruit chunky, sweet and chewy treat I assure you is highly addictive. The little bites will keep at room temperature for up to three months if wrapped well in plastic wrap and up to a year if kept in the fridge I am told by Zel Allen, the author of Vegan for the Holidays , from which book this...

Rainbow Edamame Salad

Authors: Registered Dietitians (  Edamame [pronounced as Ed-ah-mah-me] is the name for fresh soybeans found inside the young pods of the soybean plant.   They are green, with a pleasant creamy texture. Edamame do not have edible pods – only the soybeans, found inside a pod, are edible.    Edamame is a high-quality source of vegetable ...
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