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Burma Today Food Fair

Eggs, coconut cream or coconut milk, and butter or ghee all contribute to their richness.

These slices of sanwin makin, or semolina cake ($5), also featured golden raisins and white poppy seeds. They were very dense and moist as well as rich: Held between finger and thumb, a slice could scarcely support its own weight.

Also shown: a noodle salad ($5), literally made by hand (gloved hand). Some ways into my serving I was offered a bowl of very black-peppery soup on the side; it included thin slices of what might have been bitter melon.

Burma Today Food Fair
Forest Hills High School, 67-01 110th St. (at 67th Ave.), Forest Hills, Queens
The 2012 food fair, to this date the only such event organized by Burma Today, was held August 19

Burma Today Food Fair
Burma Today Food Fair
Burma Today Food Fair
Burma Today Food Fair

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