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No knife skills classes here! These 4 sessions at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival included the world’s most forward thinking chefs and their inspiration for creating, now and into the future.

There were common threads that tied together their approach to food. They were the use of local produce, support of boutique farmers, getting closer to the fisherman and serving food that was truthful to the region. Each chef took the stage and with pictures, videos, music, live performance and conversation took us into their world of how their dishes and menus come to be .

Ben Shewry – Attica

Ben has built his international reputation on a deep respect for his surrounding environment, hand-foraged wild ingredients as well as dishes born of childhood memories and a pronounced sense of time and place. He is an environmentalist and a lover of food and believes you can’t have one without the other.

Rene Redzepi

René of Copenhagen’s Noma, is celebrated as one of the chief proponents of the famed indigenous Nordic cuisine movement. His passion for native raw materials has recently culminated in the inaugural 2011 MAD Food Camp, a summit aimed at promoting understanding of and engagement with local food production systems, dish by dish and season by season.

David Chang

A pioneer of truly excellent cross-cultural cuisine, David is a visionary chef and master collaborator with some revolutionary ideas on food. He now has five offshoots of his expanding Momofuku empire including Sydney which opened late last year. His Sydney Momofuku “lab” is the source of his experimental Miso and other hard to get Japanese ingredients that were affected as a result of the Tsunami.

Massimo Bottura

Massimo’s approach to food looks to the future while maintaining a strong grasp on culinary history and traditions. “Don’t look at the past in a nostalgic way…but in a critic’s way” emphasised his view about traditions with food often not respecting ingredients. Ethics (sustainable and humane food sources)- must be combined with aesthetics and the ingredient (regional and pure) with technique.

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