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An all-you-can-eat Burger King sounds like dangerous fast-food insanity. (Un)Fortunately, Burger King Japan seems to think that unlimited burgers and fries are just the thing to celebrate their fifth year return (all BKs in Japan were closed in 2001, then reopened in 2007).

The special burger buffet will, thankfully, be offered for only a limited time.  Anyone ordering a black burger meal deal between November 17 and 21, from 2 pm to 11 pm will be invited to gorge on endless burgers, plus fries or onion rings for 30 minutes.

However, beware: The 30-minute ticker starts right after you pay and receive your receipt for the black burger, meaning you have to finish that before you can start your endless nomzfest. Also, you’ve got to finish everything — no leftovers here, and bring every single empty wrapper up to the register in order to redeem your all-you-can-eat special. If they catch you trying to cheat, such as sharing your free meals with your pals, you’ll have to cough up money to pay for all the food.

Think about that before ordering stacksonstacksonstacks of burgers.

via kotaku

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