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The Fish Box

Mahi-mahi, also known as dorado and dolphinfish, is fast-growing, quickly maturing, and abundant worldwide. Though widespread even in temperate waters, the mahi-mahi favors a warmer environment; in the southwest Atlantic Ocean, it's pursued by humans for sport as well as food. Mature males display a distinctive squarish profile, the result of a bony crest that, one imagines, would not affect the flavor of your grilled filet.

My mahi-mahi sandwich ($12) was a shorty, but the chunks of fish were much fatter than this overhead shot reveals. In this view, it's even harder to tell that the cole slaw was laced with pineapple.

The Fish Box
Truck parked this evening at the Miami Beach Food Truck & Music Fest
Vicinity of the North Beach Bandshell, Collins Ave. at 73rd St., Miami Beach
(From an autumn 2012 visit)

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