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HelloFresh Everyone from my mom, to my friends to my wife is always telling me that I need to eat better. Apparently things like deep fried nacho cheese and bacon weave grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t considered part of a “healthy diet.” What about the Cobb salad cone that I created? That’s gotta count for something right?

Recently, HelloFresh — a company that specializes in healthy meals that you prepare yourself at home — offered to send me a few of their selections for free so I figured, “why not?” After all, I’m sure my body is OK with me skipping the bacon and setting my deep fryer aside for a few days.

The whole concept behind HelloFresh is pretty cool. They send you all the fresh ingredients — and instructions — that you need to make really great meals really, really easily. In fact, each meal only takes 30 minutes to prepare. Price wise, you could definitely get the same ingredients for much cheaper at your local grocery store, but it’s sort of nice having the exact amounts of everything you need delivered right to your door.

Out of the three meals that HelloFresh sent me — Chicken Paillard, Cardamom Spiked Shrimp Pilau and duck breasts — I’m not sure if I can even pick a favorite. They all tasted great. Seriously, I’m terrible at following directions and even I couldn’t manage to mess any of these up. The only real issue I ran into was that one of the recipes used both parsley and rosemary and since they look pretty similar I had no idea which was which, but a quick Google search solved that problem.

Aside from the ease of everything though do you know what’s perfect about HelloFresh? I made their duck breast with cranberry sauce and rice recipe for my wife and not only did she love it, but on top of that she probably assumed that I put tons of effort into planning the whole meal when all I really did was grab the package off our front porch and follow the directions that came along with it. She doesn’t read my blog too often, so I figure that I’ve probably got at least a couple more weeks of me being in her good graces before she sees this and finds out the truth.

Could I eat stuff like this every day? No way, I need things like big greasy burgers in my diet, but it was definitely a nice change of pace. Interested in trying HelloFresh yourself? Use coupon code “HF-dudefoods” at checkout and you’ll receive 30% off your first delivery!

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