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Ema's Delicious Restaurant

Not many places keep kidneys on hand in such plentiful supply.

This halal Albanian restaurant offers them grilled or, as shown here, sauteed with onions ($9). In a dining room as sunny and welcoming as Ema's, even veal kidneys can seem cheery. Also shown: an Albanian salad ($6) laden with olives and brined cheese, whose cabbage, offered one dining buddy, had been marinated in red wine vinegar; slices of spinach and meat bureks ($5 each), the latter divvied into thirds for our party; pasul ($10), a thin white-bean stew, in this instance bolstered by smoked meat; skender beg veal ($18), a breaded roulade surrounding mozzerella and more smoked meat, and accompanied by sour cream.

That name is very similar to "iskender," the famous spit-roasted doner kebab of Turkey, another dining buddy noted. Our roulade proved challenging to cut crosswise; you might prefer veal that arrives pre-sliced at the table. Say, as kidneys, or maybe veal liver.

Ema's Delicious Restaurant
2301 65th St. (65th-66th Sts.), Mapleton, Brooklyn

Ema's Delicious Restaurant
Ema's Delicious Restaurant
Ema's Delicious Restaurant
Ema's Delicious Restaurant
Ema's Delicious Restaurant
Ema's Delicious Restaurant

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