Plastic egg bird feeders Featured

Plastic egg bird feeders

With Easter inevitably comes plasticā€¦ in the form of eggs. So. Many. Plastic. Eggs! Instead of trashing them after the holiday (or just for fun before), repurpose plastic Easter eggs into pretty fabric bird feeders. A couple simple cuts and a coat of glue will create a nice place for birds to perch for their afternoon snack, and give a pretty view from the front window.

Plastic egg bird feeders

To make theĀ bird feeders, you will use one large plastic Easter egg and a small amount of pretty fabric. Using a sharp pair of scissors, punch a hole through the back portion of the egg. Attach a string before closing up the egg and then coat the entire egg with Mod Podge. Layer one piece of fabric on top and use your fingers to smooth around the entire egg. Cover with a second coat of Mod Podge and let dry.

Once dry cut out the initial punched opening and fold + glue fabric inwards. Fill with birdseed and hang for a beautifully designed spring display.

Plastic egg bird feeders

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

Authors: a subtle revelry

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