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frozen beans
The ever-expanding frozen-foods section of the grocery store has no shortage of affordable vegetables and vegetable combinations. Sliced green beans, peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, corn, soybeans/edamame, and vegetable medleys abound. Since most frozen vegetables are harvested at their nutritional peak, don’t relegate them to boring, steamed, side dishes. Some ideas to inspire you:

• Nestle into potato and cheese casseroles (like scalloped potatoes) before baking; add ham, chicken, turkey, or cooked shrimp to make a complete meal
• Add to egg and cheese frittatas, quiches and omelets
• Puree into hot and cold dips and serve with whole grain crackers and pita triangles
• Combine with red kidney beans and homemade vinaigrette for a refreshing bean salad
• Stretch meals by adding to soups, stews, chilies and bisques
• Fold into the cheese layers of baked ziti, lasagna and stuffed manicotti
• Add to fillings for stuffed peppers and stuffed pasta shells
• Fold into pasta and tortellini sauces to make pasta primavera
• Sauté with tomato sauce to make a hearty pasta or pizza sauce; add ground beef or ground turkey to make sloppy Joes
• Use as a topping for baked potatoes with cheddar or light sour cream

• Add to cheesy pasta dishes
• Use instead of canned beans in soups, stews, chilies, and rice and bean dishes
• Toss into salads for added protein
• Spruce up burrito, taco and enchilada fillings

Robin Miller is a nutritionist, host of Quick Fix Meals, author of “Robin Rescues Dinner” and the busy mom of two active little boys. Her boys and great food are her passion. Check her out at

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