Fighting Pollution Trading to Preserve the Clean Water Act

Authors: Food and Water Watch By Wenonah Hauter Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch This week, Food & Water Watch and Friends of the Earth filed a joint lawsuit to force the Environmental Protection Agency to preserve the integrity of the Clean Water Act as it turns 40 years old this month. Represented by the Columbia Law ...

President Obama: Don’t Let Industry Convince You That GE Salmon Is Safe

Authors: Food and Water Watch By Tim Schwab AquaBounty Technologies has made a desperate plea to President Obama, apparently enlisting a tiny battalion of biotech advocates to pressure the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the company’s main product, genetically engineered (GE) salmon, which has been stuck in the approval process for two ...

Fracking Update: New York

Authors: Food and Water Watch By Seth Gladstone Finally, after many months of organizing, rallying, phoning, e-mailing, marching, screaming and shouting, participants in the ever-expanding grassroots movement to ban fracking in New York have reason to take a deep breath and smile. They’ve scored a small victory against Governor Cuomo’s steady push to ...

Antibiotic Resistance 101: How Antibiotic Misuse on Factory Farms Can Make You Sick

Authors: Food and Water Watch September 26th, 2012 Read the Full Report Antibiotics are critical tools in human medicine. Medical authorities are warning that these life-saving drugs are losing their effectiveness, and there are few replacement drugs in the pipeline. Bacteria evolve in response to the use of antibiotics both in humans and in animals. ...
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