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Apple Lattice Pie Baked in an Apple


Apple pie filling is poured into a hollowed apples and topped with an easy lattice pie crust. So easy and impressive! 4 apples

Apple-Lattice Pies 

As prepared by girlwhoateeverything

 Mini apple pies with lattice crusts, baked inside apples. Ever see anything cuter than this?

Everything's always more fun in a mini-version. For instance, I love apple pie, but to make an entire apple pie is a little bit too much of a commitment for me.

These Apple-Lattice Pie Baked in an Apple are perfectly and naturally proportioned –in edible serving dishes!

Just take it step-by-step, and you'll see how easy these are to assemble:

Slice off the top of your Granny Smith apples. I like to use this apple variety because they hold up well.

Repeat with the remaining apples.

Hollow out the inside of each apple with a knife and a spoon.

Add a little cinnamon to the filling, then pour it into the hollowed apple cups.

Roll out your pie crust.
Cut the crust into 4 pieces, one for each pie. Cut each quarter into 1/4-inch strips.

Lay 3 to 4 strips of pie crust (depending how thick they are) on top of each filled apple.

Take one new strip at a time and, going perpendicular, weave the strip over and under the original strips. Repeat to finish the lattice top.

Trim the excess pie crust off the edges

This is how they should look when you're done with all four of them. Aren't they pretty?

  • Place the apples in a water bath and bake away

Done! They're golden brown and smellin' good. I couldn't wait to take a bite of these warm bubbly mini-pies!


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