Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette) 玉子焼き Featured

Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette)

As Easter is around the corner, I thought of sharing an egg dish.  This dish was requested by some of the readers and thank you for waiting! Tamagoyaki, literally means ‘grilled egg’, is a type of Japanese omelette made of eggs, sugar, and soy sauce.  When dashi stock is added to the egg mixture, it is called dashimaki tamago.

Tamagoyaki is usually served as one of the dishes for Japanese style breakfast and it is a common item to include in a lunch bento box for school.  Also, you might have seen this egg omelette served on top of sushi.


This omelette is usually cooked in a specialized rectangular omelette pan (shown in the step by step pictures below).  Prior to getting the specialized pan recently, I had been using my regular round frying pan all these years so don’t worry if you don’t have the omelette pan.  My mom sent me this specialized omelette pan from Japan so that I can show my readers how it is usually prepared.


I asked my husband to take step by step pictures while I cooked and I wrote detail recipe instructions below; however I thought this video I found on internet might help provide additional visual on how to make the omelette.

Too difficult?  It requires some practice, but if you want to take a short cut, try this Quick & Easy Tamagoyaki recipe.  You can make it in 3 minutes!  It’s perfect to make just one tamagoyaki for your meal or bento box!



Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette)

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Yield: Serves 2


  •     3 eggs
  •     Seasonings
  •     1 Tbsp. sugar
  •     1 tsp. soy sauce
  •     1 tsp. mirin
  •     1 pinch of salt
  •     4 Tbsp. dashi stock
  •     Served with
  •     Grated daikon radish, squeeze water out
  •     Soy sauce
  •     What you will need:
  •     Tamagoyaki frying pan (or regular round non-stick frying pan)
  •     Paper towel moistened with oil
  •     Chopsticks
  •     Bamboo mat


  •     Crack eggs and mix gently (do not overmix).

  •     Combine and mix Seasonings.

  •     Pour Seasonings mixture to the egg.

  •     Strain the egg mixture through the sieve into a measuring cup (or a bowl).

  •     Heat the pan on medium high heat and apply oil using the paper towel. When the pan is getting hot, apply a little bit of egg mixture with the tip of the chopsticks on the surface of pan. If the egg streaks cooks right away, then the pan is ready.


  •     Quickly mix the mixture and spread the egg thinly over the frying pan (it’s easier to pour if it’s in measuring cup).

  •     Poke the air bubbles with the chopstick in order to push the air out. Start rolling up from the far side to the near side. Control the temperature of the pan by lifting the frying pan rather than adjusting the stove. If the heat is too weak, the egg will stick to the frying pan so be careful.

  •     Apply the oil on the pan. Then move the rolled egg to the far side and apply the oil on the near side.

  •     Pour the egg mixture again. Lift the rolled egg to spread the egg mixture underneath.


  •     Using chopsticks to start rolling. Make sure the chopsticks are touching the egg gently. If you use too much force, the egg will break. At this time the rolled egg doesn’t have to be perfect because eventually it will be nice rectangular shape.


  •     Move the egg to the far side and apply oil.


  •     Poor the egg mixture and spread it around, including the bottom of the rolled egg.


  •     When egg is cooked, start rolling again. Your tamagoyaki will start to resemble a nice rectangular shape.


  •     Now this is 3rd time pouring the egg mixture. Poke the air bubbles.


  •     Spreading the mixture for the 4th time. Make sure to spread all over including under the rolled egg.


  •     As the rolled egg is getting heavy, roll the egg mostly using your wrist when flipping the frying pan.


  •     This is 5th time pouring the egg mixture.


  •     This is 6th and last time. Roll it.


  •     You can brown the egg a little bit.


  •     Place the egg on the bamboo mat and wrap it up. Shape the egg when it is still hot. Let it stand for 5 minutes.


  •     Cut into 6 pieces. Serve with grated daikon. Pour a little bit of soy sauce over grated daikon.



First Video

Second Video

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