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Step 1: The Overall Results

Picture of The Overall Results


The plastic wrap (banana 2) was the most effective of the three. The banana tree was the next effective (banana 1) and refrigeration
(banana 3) was the worst.
 To properly use the plastic wrap method, wrap the stem of the banana in plastic wrap (the stem
releases ripening chemicals to the rest of the banana, this will slow this down). 

Step 2: Refridgerator style

Picture of Refridgerator style

This style was very ineffective because with storing the banana in the produce drawer it was bruised by the weight of the other produce and seemed to bruise much more easily. Either way this way was the least affective of the 3 and I would NOT recommend this method.

Step 3: Banana tree style

Picture of Banana tree style

This method is very simple and just requires a banana tree. The bananas must be in at least a pair to hang on this tree though. This method worked pretty well, but the plastic wrap method worked the best.


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