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Oy Vey! Do we have Hanukkah Recipes!Hanukkah (Chanukah) is a happy holiday, beginning with the lighting of the Menorah, is almost always accompanied by food.

Our recipes for jelly doughnuts (sufganiot) and potato levivot or latkes and are the most popular Hanukkah treats! We even have a gluten-free potato latke recipe. But more and more, recipes like rugelach are becoming popular. Freshly baked Challah Bread is always in style! And don't forget the cake!

The deep-fried Orange-Scented Jelly Doughnuts (donuts) Recipe symbolize the miracle of the burning oil lamps in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Fill with your My Mother's Potato Latkes Recipefavorite fruit jam. But, bakers are becoming more inventive; some South Americans are filling their sufganiyots with dulce de leche, a popular South American sweet made from caramelized sweetened milk. Others from the United States reportedly use lemon curd, thus combining an American favorite (lemon meringue pie!) with a Jewish holiday tradition.

My mother Priscilla taught me that the trick to My Mother's Potato Latkes recipe is to fry them twice if serving later! As you have probably found, it's hard to get an exact recipe out of someone who has made it by heart for over 40 years -- my recipe is as close as I could come. We top ours with applesauce and sour cream.
Rugelah Recipe and Tutorial
Probably the most popular of American Jewish cookies, rugelach, a horn-shaped treat, was made in Europe with butter; cream cheese was added in this country.  

Having grown-up eating Challah Bread as part of my heritage, I think I have tried and/or baked just about every recipe there is - much to my disappointment - until now! There are tons of recipes available, but so few had detailed steps to get the recipe right! And, so often the end result was dry and not rich enough with egg yolks, the braiding was hard to do, the baked color never turned a deep mahogany, or the braids rose too Oy Vey! Do we have Hanukkah Recipes!much during baking, revealing too much white bread beneath the dark crust, ruining the overall look. Many loaves became misshapen as a result - when they should have remained football-shaped.

I am very particular about my Challah because my mother, an exceptional baker, used to make what I think was the very best, and I can remember it vividly! From her, I knew that making a great Challah bread takes a great recipe and a lot of techniques to get right!

And last but not least, don't forget to serve my Orange-Frosted Honey Cake Recipe. It is not a traditional one, but I love to serve it, anyway. This cake has a nice subtle flavor of honey and is especially moist. One of the problems developing a butter cake using liquid sugars, such as honey, as an ingredient is they are typically on tOy Vey! Do we have Hanukkah Recipes!he dry side. I figured out a way to get around this issue with my recipe. This one is delicious with a cup of hot tea and lemon. 

A nice spice cake is always in fashion. I thought my Allspice Applesauce Layer Cake Recipe would be festive filled and frosted with White Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream. We show you how to make both!





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