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friday link love

Happy Friday, everyone! Even though we’ve only returned from our vacation a week ago, Jamaica seems so far away now. We want to go back! Some interesting links this week – I skipped some of the more obvious news items because I figured given the events of the last two weeks of so, folks are keeping up with some more high profile stories. I hope you find these interesting and engaging, and as always, wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead!


4 questions to never ask at the farmers market. (Seriously, people ask that first one?)

Our friend Naseem Kuri is a frontman for this awesome, amazing band called Kingsley Flood. No, seriously folks, they are incredible, and not because we’re friends with him, but because they happen to be fiercely talented and make great music.* Kingsley Food (who have an album out and you should totally check it out) recently made a music video for one of their songs, which was inspired by a New York Times Magazine article from awhile back. Well, the 6th Floor Blog (one of my favorites!) picked up the video, and in turn, profiled it here. Watch the video, it’s really going to perk up your day and make you smile and believe in better things.
[*I am notoriously poor at praising low-quality work, even if it's someone close to me.]

The fertilizer plant that exploded last week in West, Texas hadn’t had a full inspection in three decades. I’m not sure what to say here.

Smart herb garden technology. I want one! And looks like this might get traction!

The George W. Bush presidency in 24 charts.

An interesting film I want to see about the strange and confusing relationship between the Obama administration and whistleblowers.

And lest you think my links here are really highbrow.

And back to serious. Only 4 senators attend hearings on the country’s toughest economic problems.

New Yorkers, you can now recycle all hard plastics!!

Between 30% and 50% of all the food grown in the world never makes it to the plate.

Gary Shteyngart is publishing a memoir. Definitely something I’d read.

10 things to avoid for a toxin-free home.

Korea is has highest plastic surgery per capita – oddly enough it produces the same look for many.

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