Happy Friday!

Authors: rollin oats tampa Happy Friday! February 15, 2013 by rollinoatsmarket A rich source of Vitamins K, A, & C, a good source of fiber, a natural anti-inflammatory, & an ocular health powerhouse, Kale should be a staple in everyone’s diet! …But I don’t know how to eat it! Do I cook it? How?  To garner the most nutritional benefits, it is ...

quinoa + eggs

I go in phases with food. I'll be really into salads for a while, then gluten free wraps, then quinoa, then brown rice. I get on these sort of foodie kicks. There was a point in time, where all I loved frittatas. I made them all the time. Well- they are almost back in my life. Baked eggs are essentially the half sister of frittatas.    Yesterday ...
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