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Healthy Lifestyles - In general, pregnant women need more blood to the body normally. This is because in general women before pregnancy had experienced anemia. Including young women who are susceptible to anemia.

That is because the pregnancy caused anemia caused no increase in blood volume that red blood cells are relatively lower. Will multiply in the blood, commonly called Hidremia pregnancy or hypervolemia. In addition to the reduction in food intake due to nausea and vomiting, and bleeding at the time of delivery will also increase the risk of anemia. However, the increased blood cells is less than the plasma resulting in increased blood dilution.

If the anemia is mild, perhaps there is hardly any impact at all. But, if the hemoglobin remains below 6 g / dL, pregnant women may feel tired, it does have an impact on cardiac dysfunction. Generally regular in pregnancy to check the hemoglobin so it can be preventative or therapeutic. The cause of anemia in pregnancy is often due to iron deficiency. If the hemoglobin in the first trimester of pregnancy under 11 g / dL and the second and third trimesters below 10 g / dL, it was considered anemia. Influence the state of anemia in pregnancy depends on the degree of anemia.

Symptoms are felt for pregnant women have anemia that is a signs: lethargic, weak, tired, tired, and inattentive. In such cases of pregnant women will feel the easy sleepiness, dizziness, shortness of breath, dizzy eyes, and even fainting, decreased immune system, and easily fall ill.

We recommend that if you have anemia do not consider this a trivial thing proficiency level, because the disease can be fatal to you, both the mother and fetus.

The risks may include:

- Miscarriage

- Premature birth

- Prolonged labor

- Postpartum hemorrhage

- Infants born with low weight

- Up to the possibility of babies born with congenital defects

This can occur due to pregnant women not consume foods that contain iron, but iron can be obtained from four healthy eating and a perfect five. Therefore, for those of you who are anemic should be more careful in choosing foods. Keep the iron requirement for the bodies are met. To prevent the doctor will usually give iron supplements with folic acid. However, if it comes to severe anemia, treatment such as blood transfusions may occur, depending on the circumstances of the patient.

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