How did we let another country beat us to pizza-encrusted candy bars? Featured

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How did we let another country beat us to pizza-encrusted candy bars?

America, you are slipping. Why do I keep having to write about horriblemutantfoodstuffs that are not from you? Are you depressed, America? Are you uninspired? Are you feeling like you’ve just run out of ways to bang two kinds of junk food together until they meld into something that is worse than the sum of its parts?

Well, don’t be like that, America! I believe in you! And there are so many combinations we’ve never tried — burger lollipops! Gummi Oreos! Fried chicken with whipped cream! Taco cake!

But not pizza dough Kit-Kats. It’s too late for you to pioneer those, because Pizza Hut Middle East has gotten there first.

So, yeah, it’s Kit-Kats wrapped in pizza dough and topped with sugar. America, for god’s sake, stop resting on your laurels. You’ve got serious competition out there.

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