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Posted on Mon, October 15, 2012 by Nathan Leamy
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African American and African Farmers Unite In Turin, Italy for a Global DiscussionSAAFON (Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network) will host this historic meeting of African and African American farmers at Terra Madre. Never before has a Black grassroots organization had the opportunity to connect to the African diaspora and African Farmers on the Terra Madre global platform.

This global meeting will unite farmers of African descent for a discussion on food access; climate change and its impact on farmer’s ability to grow, deforestation, and the importance of maintaining seeds and ancient African growing techniques that continue to thrive in the 21st Century. 

Read below about two delegates to Terra Madre from SAAFON!

African American and African Farmers Unite In Turin, Italy for a Global DiscussionGabraelle Lane
As I navigate food policy and urban agriculture, I am realizing how much of what I do locally is dictated by what happens globally.Our food system is global. So our conversation on food justice, climate change, sustainability needs to take place on a global scale. Terra Madre is that global scale. By attending this biennial meeting, I will have the opportunity to learn from and participate in discussions with delegates from other countries. We can share our success stories or lessons learned and apply what we’ve gained to our respective communities. Imagine me applying techniques learned from a Senegalese delegate in Atlanta. Conversely, a Japanese delegate applying Atlanta techniques in his or her community. That’s powerful!

African American and African Farmers Unite In Turin, Italy for a Global DiscussionRobert Hamilton
I am interested in the world’s diversity. The diversity of people, culture, food, plants and the intricate interactions between them all. Terra Madre creates a world forum for food producers and advocates to explore the issues around food and it’s environment. Being a person particularly interested in fruits, I hope to see, taste and discuss the old and the new of what is being done on the ‘global plate’ and where I see myself as part of it.

Click the links below to view the interviews of some of our SAAFON Farmers:

Together with your support we CAN make significant changes to our food system.  Help us get our SAAFON farmers to this important discussion by making a donation today!

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