Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews Featured

Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

So- The Anytime Fitness Marketing Department pretty much rocks my socks. We had a corporate Halloween party last Friday and my crew went as....MAD MEN! We won the costume competition. 

I've never actually watched Mad Men, so I was just kind of playing along. I was Trudy- during her pregnant stage on the show. Back in the 50's, it was still normal to drink and smoke during pregnancy. God bless technology.

Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

I was also in charge of bringing balls because I am of course..."The Ball Lady." Remember a few weekends ago when Carly and I made 100 balls? That was all for Anytime Corporate! Here's one of the recipes I still haven't shared: Coconut Brownie Chews! 
Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

I took one of my favorite recipes, Raw Browne Chews, and rolled em' in shredded coconut. Best idea ever. I made three or four batches and this time I didn't use any honey.

The ratio is about 12 dates to 1/2C nuts.

Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

My favorite way to eat these are frozen! They don't freeze all the way, but taste so good cold! They also last longer if you freeze them :)
Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

I don't really have any other Halloween plans. Lame, eh? It's not my fault that Halloween lands on an awkward Wednesday! Hmph.

What were you/are you going to be this Halloween?

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