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I'm pretty much hooked on pb crunch balls now. The Chex Cereal totally gives the balls some crunch, and I am a crunch person.
peanut butter choco crunch balls

This time I mixed the ratio between Chex cereal and oatmeal...because I ran out of Chex! Ooops. I also used the food processor to crunch of the Chex and it was SOOOOO much easier than hand crunching.

Please tell me you all have food processors? I use mine almost every day.

peanut butter choco crunch balls

Peanut Butter Choco Crunch Balls
-1C rice chex
-1/3C oats (quick or rolled)
-1/4C peanut butter
-1/4C honey
-m&m's or any kind of chocolate!

1.In a small food processor proccess about 2T of chocolate for about a minute. You want to turn your chocolate into chocolate dust for rolling. Set aside.
2. Then, process the Chex Cereal and oats for 15-20 seconds, turning it intto crunchy oat flour. 

3. Add the peanut butter and honey and process for about a minute, or until it becomes doughy. (You may need to add a squirt more of honey (or even water) if it is still too dry.)

4. Using a small cookie scoop, scoop out the dough and role between your palms forming a ball. Mine were still a little crumbly so I made sure my hands were moist with water when I was rolling the balls. Set balls aside.

5. Next, roll your balls into the chocolate dust and viola! 

**You can melt some additional chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes and transfer into a ziplock bag to add an additional dollup of chocolate to the top like I did. Or, you can simply enjoy without the added choc.

peanut butter choco crunch balls

So colorful and crunchy and delicious and chocolatey and nummy. I could go on...
peanut butter choco crunch balls

peanut butter choco crunch balls

I packaged these guys up for a gift. Look at this adorable little orange box...I got a pack of 10 at Target for 3 bucks! Good job Target.
peanut butter choco crunch balls

I am off for a run with Carly and then a boat cruise on the St. Croix with Blake. Crowd are my bff. Have a great Sunday! 

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