Yogurt Lab and Saucony. Featured

I've never been to a froyo place that had chia seeds at the toppings bar. 

Yogurt Lab and Saucony.
Last night Blake and I went to Yogurt Lab after dinner. We got 1 and shared it....aka Blake had 1 bite and I had the rest. The guy doesn't like dessert, what can I say? More for me! In the mix was Tahitian vanilla, peach/mango, and Greek frozen yogurt topped with chia seeds, shredded coconut, a few mochi, and mini chocolate chips.


Just like my new shoes!

Yogurt Lab and Saucony.
I am so grateful to be a part of the FitFluential community. I was selected to be a part of the Saucony campaign and a few weeks ago was a pair of their new release Guide 6's to test out. 

Now- I want to state that when it comes to shoes, I like multiple different brands. Usually I tend to prefer a brand depending on the article of clothing. Sports bras for example, I have basically all Target sports bras because I know they work for me. Shoes however, are different. There are some damn good makes out there coming from a variety of brands for a variety of different uses.

Alright back to the Guide 6's. I'm usually a 9 or 9.5, but tend to get the bigger size because my left food is a 1/2 size bigger than my right. ARR. It really is a struggle trying to find a shoe that feels good on both feet.

For these I got the bigger size and I am happy with that. I also feel like my feet bloat (is that possible??) when I run and expand in my shoes so going a size up is usually what I tend to do. There is nothing worse than having your baby toe fall asleep on a long run!

Yogurt Lab and Saucony.

I obviously like different shoes depending on what I am doing. Am I walking? running? lifting? wearing them to work? Because these shoes have a little bit more stability, my favorite use for them has been running. Believe me- I've tested them out in many different activities.

What I really like is a shoe that ascetically pleasing and comfortable. These have that. Not too much bling, but still good-looking and comfortable!

Yogurt Lab and Saucony.

The above photo was me at Look Good Naked Bootcamp at Anytime Fitness. We did lots of plyometrics that day and this shoe worked because of the stability factor.

In high school when I ran cross country, I wore Saucony's. I haven't had a pair in about 4 years and these reminded me how great of a running shoe they are. To find more specs about this shoe...click HERE.

I am in a baking mood.

Watch out kitchen!

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