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I go in phases with food. I'll be really into salads for a while, then gluten free wraps, then quinoa, then brown rice. I get on these sort of foodie kicks. There was a point in time, where all I loved frittatas. I made them all the time. Well- they are almost back in my life. Baked eggs are essentially the half sister of frittatas. 
quinoa + eggs 
Yesterday for lunch I had a twist on baked eggs. I had left-over quinoa salad (1C dry quinoa that I cooked + 1 can northern white beans + 1 can stewed tomatoes + salt + pepper + italian seasoning), so I added about 1/3C to the bottom of a rameken. Then I cracked two eggs on top and poked it with a fork a few times to make sure the quinoa was full submerged in egg. As you can see, I accidentally broke of the yolks. OOPS.

This time, it took almost double to bake the eggs all the way through. I set the oven to 350F and baked it for 30 minutes.

quinoa + eggs

Any kind of quinoa salad will work, as long as the quinoa is cooked. You could even just use plain quinoa. I love this because I always have extra quinoa, so instead of tossing it you can just pair it with your baked eggs!
quinoa + eggs

I like making baked eggs better than scrambled because it's a lot less work. Furthermore, the clean up isn't as bad either!

quinoa + eggs

quinoa + eggs 
quinoa + eggs

I have some big things happening in the next few months and I am excited to share them in a few weeks! A little teaser...go check out Katie Jasper Health and The Root of Health.

One last thing. How freaking amazing is this space?

quinoa + eggs

My iphone doesn't do it justice! It's called Yellow Barn Wellnessand I am obsess. I practiced yoga here for the first time last night. In love.

I'm off to a 75 minute yoga sculpt with a few friends. Wish me luck, I'm sore. Happy weekend :)

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