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Whoa, you can make your own sriracha at homeMemphis CVB

If you’re still obsessed with bacon, move on: The internet’s current food crush is sriracha, aka rooster sauce. Hell, people are even making sriracha ice cream sandwiches. So penny-pinchers and packaging-avoiders who want to be on the cutting edge of food trends will be glad to know that you can make sriracha at home in just 20 minutes.

The homemade version of this apparently magic condiment (I say “apparently” because I hate hot food and sriracha is probably my Kryptonite) contains jalapeno peppers, garlic, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, honey, fish sauce, and salt. What it does not contain: potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, and xantham gum. The whole process takes 20 minutes for 2.25 cups, and it looks like the hardest part is cutting up the jalapenos without giving yourself weaponized hands. (Alternately, the hardest part is what happens later when you take out your contacts or, if you’re a guy, try to pee.)

So go check out the recipe, and feel secure in the knowledge that you’ve preserved your food-trendiness without sacrificing your right to scold people about artificial ingredients. Though to be extra certain that you are maximally hip, you should probably go on to make sriracha bacon, sriracha cupcakes, sriracha-infused bourbon, and sriracha mustaches.

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