They may have caught the culprits behind Canada’s maple syrup heist Featured

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I cannot BELIEVE I got to use this image three times.I cannot BELIEVE I got to use this image three times.

I know you guys have all been worried about the ongoing case regarding Canada’s massive maple syrup theft. In September, millions of pounds of maple syrup went missing from Quebec’s strategic syrup reserves, and a few weeks later it was recovered (in a syrup processing facility, so I still don’t understand how they recognized it — shouldn’t that be a Purloined Letter situation?). Now, Canadian police have made three arrests.

The charges are “theft, conspiracy, fraud, and trafficking in stolen goods,” and we cannot wait to hear details about this “conspiracy” business. It’s hard to pull off a massive syrup heist, not that I’ve tried, and it seems possible that the hows and especially the whys of the case would make for an interesting made-for-TV movie on the Canada Channel.

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