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Twitter. I love Twitter. I love Twitter because I can be random. I can share photos. And I can be random.

Do you follow me on Twitter? @FitFoodie_Lee is my handle. Here are the last 6 photos I tweeted. Randomly. Each one has a story or some sort of significance...Like this first one..

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The granola was a gift from Carly's Mom (Hi Chris!!). She knows me well. Crapola Granola...granola that helps you go number 2. LOL. It's a Minnesota brand, which makes me love it even more! 

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This next photo was taken yesterday. I GOT JINGLED by a co-worker at work. I still don't know who it was. I am now tasked to Jingle two more people at work...

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Who love Penzeys? I do, I do! My manager got every one else champaign and she got me spices. Love.

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This weekend Blake and I went to our friend Cliff's house for his annual Cliffmas Party. Cliff was Santa.

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This is Carly and I before the Anytime Fitness Staff Holiday Party. We had it at the Crowne Plaza in Downtown St. Paul. Blake was my date :)

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This is Matt Jasper...Katie Jasper's hubby. He's a film guy. He actually created and directed all of the videos for New Year New Rules. He's also done some bamf videos for a few Crossfit gyms in the Twin Cities. Watch them here and here.

What kinds of things do you tweet? Are you random? 

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