Attention Private Practice RDs: Grab These Chopping Mats Featured

Authors: Registered Dietitians

HealthCastle Chopping Mat

( Basic cooking skills are essential for healthy meal preparation – so we believe dietitians play an important role in re-igniting their clients' passion for cooking.

We created these HealthCastle Flexi Chopping Mats to help dietitians educate their clients about healthy eating choices and inspire them to get active in the kitchen. If you run a private practice and often counsel clients about healthy eating choices, we would love to send you a pack of these mats free of charge. Depending on the number of requests, qualified dietitians will receive 5 to 10 mats each.

This offer is open to all U.S. and Canadian dietitians. Submit your contact information by Friday, February 8, 2013 to get your free pack of HealthCastle Flexi Chopping Mats!

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