Best Food-Themed Halloween Costumes for Adults and Kids (and Pets Too!)

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Authors: ivillage Food Everyone loves food, right? So all you have to do is dress up as something edible for Halloween this year, and you're good to go? Well, your costume still needs to be pretty awesome to stand out in those crazy-competitive Halloween crowds. We scoured the Internet for the cutest food costumes we could find and turned up some ...

Group Costume Idea Coconut Brownie Chews

So- The Anytime Fitness Marketing Department pretty much rocks my socks. We had a corporate Halloween party last Friday and my crew went as....MAD MEN! We won the costume competition.  I've never actually watched Mad Men, so I was just kind of playing along. I was Trudy- during her pregnant stage on the show. Back in the 50's, it was still normal ...
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