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Authors: .green kitchen stories © 2013 Green Kitchen Stories Do you know what day it is today? It is the official OMG-we-are-releasing-our-cookbook-today-day! It should now be available in book stores all over the UK. Tomorrow it will land in Australian stores. And we are only one month away from the release of the US edition, “Vegetarian Everyday”. ...

Banana Bread

Authors: .green kitchen stories I suppose this must be the post where I tell you about fika, similar to the danish hygge. Fika is an essential Swedish expression, similar to coffee break but almost always including some kind of sweet bread – fikabröd. We take these coffee breaks at work, at a café or at home. This scandinavian tradition is ...
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Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwiches


Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwiches

Remove meat from chicken, discarding skin and bones. Using two forks...

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