Lamb Stew (Qaymeh)

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The Washington Post, September 26, 2012Immigrant's Table    Cuisine: Middle Eastern    Course: Main Course    Features: HealthySummary:This is a popular khoresht or stew (pronounced GHAY-meh), which is traditionally served with steamed  .....

Spinach With Duck Egg and Almonds (Nargessi)

  • Published in Recipes
The Washington Post, September 26, 2012 Immigrant's Table     Cuisine: Middle Eastern     Course: Main Course     Features: Fast Summary: Maziar Farivar, chef and co-owner of Peacock Cafe, puts a gourmet spin on this humble Persian side dish, which is traditionally served family-style in Iranian homes. He adds a layer of richness by sauteing the greens in duck fat and giv....
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