Now A Test Can Tell If Your Pricey Cup Of Cat Poop Coffee Is Fake

The world's most expensive coffee can cost $600 a pound, and it comes from — there's no delicate way to put it — civet poop. But how do you know if what you're shelling out for is the real deal? Chemists have come up with the world's first cat poop coffee test. » E-Mail This     » Add to

Vegan M&Ms promise to leech the joy out of your life

Authors: FOOD Melt in your mouth, not in your soul. We all have the same complaint when eating M&Ms: They’re too meaty. They have a chickenlike mouthfeel and a liverwurst aftertaste. Thankfully, with your sizable donation, one company will set things right. With a name that says you don’t have to deny yourself pleasure to be a vegan, N ...

Has the world reached peak chicken?

Authors: FOOD Shutterstock On Wednesday, the Northern California animal sanctuary Animal Place will airlift — yes, you read that right: airlift — 1,150 elderly laying hens from Hayward, Calif., to Elmira, N.Y., in an Embraer 120 turbo-prop. The price? $50,000. Right. So obviously, this isn’t the most efficient way to spend your c ...

KALE COULD KILL YOU(r faulty reading of scientific studies)

Authors: FOOD SweetOnVegIt does sort of look like something Snow White’s stepmother would feed her. Melissa McEwen writes about the newest menace to our health and to society: KALE. For instance, did you know that kale contains sulfur? Kale is also rich in sulfur and compounds that convert to sulfur, which is the chemical that makes rotten ...

Brace yourself for KFC’s deep-fried soup

Authors: FOOD KFC, ever the innovator in the field of deepfryology, has worked out a way to deep-fry soup. It’ll be on the menu in KFC locations in Japan starting Thursday. According to RocketNews24, one of the current items that sits as a “common fixture in Japanese cafes” is a creamy soup corn potage. The result apparently includes KFC la ...
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Longo's Park Deli

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