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Thoughts on Maple Kitchen CabinetsWhether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or just planning to replace the kitchen cabinets, you will probably look at a range of different materials and colors for the space. Although wooden cabinets are typically regarded as the best choice and ultimately the best value for money, it can be difficult to choose just one type of wood for the project.

Maple is often a top choice, but before you make up your mind either way you should know everything about using it. Read on to better understand the benefits of using maple in the kitchen, how to decorate around it, how to clean and maintain this material and what decorative styles work best with maple.

Benefits of Maple Cabinets

The big reasons to choose maple for your cabinets include the warmth and beauty of the wood, the durable nature, the practicality, the relative affordability and the distinct grain visible throughout the wood. Although maple wood will last for decades with proper care, refinishing maple cabinets is also a simple process. The colors visible in maple go well with a range of other materials, including glass and other types of wood, making it a versatile choice. Ultimately, people will choose maple for their kitchen cabinets because of how it looks and how affordable it is when compared to other similar materials.

Decorating With Maple Wood

Many homeowners who are interested in using maple in their kitchens are primarily concerned with how to decorate around the warmth of the wood. Typically, decorators will avoid using other woods right next to the maple, but hardwood floors of any kind can look good. Simple separate the woods so that they are not directly next to one another. Thoughts on Maple Kitchen CabinetsA buffer made from stainless steel, a marble countertop or even plastic inserts will work well in this case. Since marble has a warm tone, other warm colors like yellow, orange, red or even sage can work beautifully in a kitchen that contains large amounts of maple wood.

Cleaning and Maintaining Maple Cabinets

One of the reasons that maple is such a popular material for making kitchen cabinets is because they are quite easy to clean. However, regular cleaning will be incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your cabinets and prolonging their life. The best course of action is to spend a few minutes every other day wiping down the front panels of the cabinets with a soft wet rag covered in a cleaning product meant specifically for maple. Then, wipe the panel down with a plain wet rag and dry. Ensure that no soap residue remains behind, which can make the cabinets look dirty even right after cleaning. You will also want to clean the interiors of the cabinets each month with a simple wet rag to remove dust and prevent the buildup of any grime.

What Styles Work Best With Maple Wood

Thanks to the incredible versatility of maple wood, it can actually be used in a variety of different kitchen styles. In a more contemporary kitchen space, you might opt to use maple that has been sealed and has a less visible grain. For a rustic or traditional look, however, you may prefer to keep the distinctive grain visible. Choose a more yellow or more red piece of wood if you have a preference for the hue, and keep in mind that redder tones work better in modern spaces with stainless steel.

With durability, a range of beautiful colors and incredible versatility, maple is an ideal choice for any kitchen cabinet. With these tips, you can incorporate maple into your own home seamlessly.

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Thoughts on Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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