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Kitchen Cabinet DesignsMake your kitchen more functional by choosing better kitchen cabinet designs. Traditional cabinets feature shelves above and cavernous spaces in the cabinets below. New trends, however, turn that pattern around by offering more drawers and smart features. With the right cabinets, you can drastically increase your available storage space in the kitchen without removing any walls.

Hide the Trash Can

In the past, your trash can was left out for everyone to see. However, there’s nothing attractive about your trash. A better option is to hide it inside a counter. New features include large drawers that can easily hold a trash can or slide-out trays. You can even install one cabinet for the recyclables and another one with a trash compactor for the rest of your garbage.

Reclaim the Beauty of Open Shelves

Commonly seen in kitchens a century ago, open shelves are making a comeback. The ideal solution for corners where it’s hard to reach the cabinets, shelves allow you to show off your favorite items while making the room feel larger.

Eliminate Cavernous Spaces

Lower cabinets usually feature a single drawer on the top and a half-shelf along the back of the lower area. A good deal of space is wasted, and items towards the back are buried and then forgotten. Many cabinet designs today now offer smarter options. Eliminate the open cabinet space by choosing large drawers that Kitchen Cabinet Designsare more functional. Items will no longer be buried or forgotten, and it will be easy to reach everything.

Take it to the Ceiling

In the past, builders left about a foot between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Some builders even filled this space in with solid bulkheads. The feeling was that people could not reach those high areas without a step stool, so there was no reason to fill them with cabinets. Modern thinking says that step stools are easy to use, and most people need more storage. Choose taller cabinets and run them to the ceiling. Use the top shelves for storing your seasonal items that aren’t used often, and then stash a step stool under the sink for easy access.

Pantries are Incredibly Functional

If you don’t have a pantry in the home, don’t despair. You can add one when you remodel the kitchen. Special pantry cabinets are 24 inches deep from the floor to the top, so you can store more inside them. They work great near refrigerators, especially if your refrigerator is currently next to counter space that isn’t needed for preparing meals.

Full Access Drawers and Bottom Drawer Glides

Quality cabinet manufacturers know that every inch matters in your kitchen, and that’s why they have come up with clever options that help you maximize storage space. Traditional drawers don’t pull out far enough, so you have to feel around for items in the back of the drawer. Glides placed along the sides of your drawers take away valuable inches from the drawers. Look for cabinets with glides on the bottom of the drawers for stability and extra storage space. More importantly, look for drawers that pull out fully for easy access to all the contents.

With the right cabinet designs, you can maximize the storage space in your kitchen. Picking up a few inches in the drawers and making your lower cabinets more functional will allow you to store more items in your kitchen. When you have a place to put everything, you can finally empty off the counters. Your kitchen will look larger, function better and be more enjoyable.

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Functional Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Greater Storage Space

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