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Painted Kitchen CabinetsWood kitchen cabinets can be stained to bring out the wonderful wood grain in the cabinets. However, you don’t have to settle for basic stain on your cabinets. You can paint them any wonderful color to add style and flair to the room. Here are just a few ideas for painted cabinets that will look marvelous in your kitchen.

Sage Green is Hip

It’s not quite the seafoam green that graced your grandmother’s kitchen, and it’s extremely chic right now. Sage green is soft and comforting. The perfect color for rustic kitchens, it also looks great with traditional décor. Set it off with stainless steel hardware or glass knobs for a clean, fresh look.

Navy Blue or Black

If you’re looking for a modern touch for your kitchen cabinets, then navy blue or black could be the right color choice for you. These shades work well with the sleek look of contemporary décor, and they will make your bright red steel appliances look incredible. Add some soft curtains and welcoming lighting to keep the dark color from becoming overwhelming. Brighten the feel of the room with spotlights that will reflect off a glossy finish.

Country Blue for Rustic Themes

If you love the look of a rustic kitchen, then consider the appeal of rustic country blue. Soft and cozy, it’s a beautiful choice for any casual kitchen with a country feel. Topped with stunning granite counters it can also be a sophisticated and elegant choice.

Modern Looks with Oil-Based Paint

Create a modern kitchen with a sophisticated look by painting the cabinets with glossy oil-based paint. The sleek color and clean lines will have a distinctly contemporary feel. Choose any color you like, but true shades like white, silver and black work the best if want to make a modern design.

Two-tone Designs are Whimsical and Fun

It’s your kitchen, and there are no rules saying that you can only use one color on the cabinets. Wood Kitchen Cabinets lend themselves easily to a two-tone paint finish for a whimsical look that is delightful and fun. Paint the cabinets a light green, and then highlight the raised panels by painting the area around the panel a darker shade. You can also pain the cabinets a beautiful shade of tan, but Painting Cabinetshighlight the raised panels with a bold, luxurious red.

Delicate Painting

If you have an artist’s eye and are gifted with paintbrushes, then show off your skills on your cabinets. Paint a series of flowers dancing up the sides of the bases, or highlight the panels with butterflies and delicate hummingbirds. Even if you aren’t the next great artist of the neighborhood, you can still add a delicate touch by painting delicate scrolls on the cabinets. Gracefully climbing ivy is easy to add to the cabinets, or you could use stencils to create a stunning look without any artistic talent required.

Glazed Finishes

People love how glazed finishes look, but cabinet manufacturers charge a small fortune for these specialty finishes. However, you can glaze the cabinets yourself. Start with an attractive, fresh base color like white or tan. Make the glaze by oil-based stain with a little solvent. You will generally use one part stain to three parts solvent. Use sandpaper to lightly distress the freshly painted surface. You don’t want to remove large areas of paint, but you do want to create light scratches that the stain will soak into more. Clean the sanding dust off the cabinets, apply the stain and then wipe it gently off. Protect the finished look with polyurethane and you will have beautiful glazed cabinets.

There are countless ways to finish your wood cabinets. You don’t have to use basic wood stains, and you don’t even have to settle for a solid color of paint. You can get creative with your painting project by adding flowers, embellishments and other decorative touches.

Whatever you have in mind for improving your home, you can count on quality and savings through DirectBuy where you will never pay hidden mark ups.

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