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Unlike what popular home improvement television shows typically depict, a kitchen remodel is not a quick, weekend-long project. Often, a remodel will leave your kitchen unusable for a few months as you progress towards completion.

We see a remodel as being composed of six steps. Splitting a remodel into separate parts will help make it more manageable and keep you on track.

How Long Will Your Kitchen Remodel Really Take?

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Below, I’ve linked to the six steps in our kitchen remodeling guide and provided a brief description of what tasks are involved during each part.

Kitchen design planning — Before construction can start, you must decide on a kitchen design and layout, make your major product selections that could affect the design, and finalize contract agreements with contractors and/or professional designers.

Building permits — You will have to prepare and acquire building permits. Your contractor should help you with the paperwork for these permits.

Temporary kitchen — Since your kitchen will be under construction, you should prepare a temporary kitchen where you can make quick meals until your new kitchen is complete.

Kitchen demolition — In order to install your new kitchen cabinets and appliances, your old ones will have to be removed. In this stage, everything will be cleared, disassembled, and thrown out.

Remodel rough construction — In this first part of construction, the electrical, drywall, and plumbing will be installed.

Remodel finish construction — This is the final part of construction where the finishing touches are put on your kitchen. Your new cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and fixtures will be installed.  You’ll then be able to unpack and start using your new space!

Typically, after plans are made, a remodel will last between 8–13 weeks.

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