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Hickory Kitchen CabinetsWhen you are looking at hickory kitchen cabinets for the home, it’s important to know what the advantages of potential pitfalls of hickory are. Whether it’s the right option for you will depend largely on your personal needs and lifestyle. Here is the information you need to know before you make your cabinet choice, so you can make an informed decision.

Incredibly Durable

If you want cabinets that will last for decades, hickory is absolutely the right choice for you. The wood is stronger than oak or maple, so it will stand up to the rigorous requirements of being in a kitchen or bathroom. They will continue to look great for years, so you won’t have to refurbish your kitchen for a long time to come.


The same durability that makes hickory long-lasting also makes it resistant to moisture. The heat and humidity of the kitchen won’t wear the cabinets down, and they will maintain their gorgeous look and finish for decades with just a little care. This also makes them great choices for laundry areas and bathrooms.

The Amazing Coloring

What’s an advantage top some is a drawback for others. Hickory features a lovely variety of shade that you are sure to appreciate. The cabinets can range in color from light cream to a lovely reddish color, and you can choose pieces that combine the full range. Some people love the variety while others are turned off by it. Even if you hate the variety of color found in hickory, you can paint over it to even out the color and still benefit from the incredible durability.

Readily Available

Another great benefit of hickory is that it’s actually readily available. It’s been growing in popularity in recent years, so Hickory Kitchen Cabinetsmost manufacturers have a few hickory options for you to consider. You will be able to choose from a variety of styles and stains, so you are sure to find the right one for your home.

Avoid Scrubbing

One drawback of hickory is that the wood should not be scrubbed. It should be treated with a soft cloth that won’t scratch your finish. Any spills on the wood should be cleaned up quickly before they dry and harden in place. Look for special cleaners made especially for wood cabinets to protect the finish and preserve the wood.

Watch the Price

Another potential drawback of hickory is that it can be pricey. The initial expense may be a bit of problem, but it may still be the right choice for you financially. If you love the look and know that you would never want to change the kitchen, then hickory is the way to go. The durability means that you will not have to replace the cabinets as soon, and that helps you save money in the long run. You can also save money on your hickory cabinets by price shopping with different companies, looking at vendors online and looking at wholesale options.

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, consider the many benefits of hickory. It’s not as common as oak or maple cabinets, but they are more durable and moisture-resistant. You will love how the cabinets look, and you will appreciate how sturdy they are and how long they last. Before choosing plain oak or a basic cabinet, consider the incredible style, color diversity and durability of impressive hickory.

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