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Oak Kitchen CabinetsIt’s not surprising that wood kitchen cabinets continue to be the most popular choice for kitchen makeovers. The natural material is ideal for adding a feeling of warmth and security to the heart of the home. Versatile and functional, wood not only takes finishes, stains and color in stride but is also adaptable to any decorative style. While wood continues to dominate the kitchen cabinet market year after year when it comes to cabinet materials, a broader selection of styles, finishes and wood species offers new options.

Current Trends in Wood Species

Although maple wood runs a close second, cherry wood remains the most popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. Cherry’s share of the market is slowly decreasing, however, as a more diverse range of wood species are becoming available. Oak wood is twice as popular as it was two years ago, and birch is three times as popular as it was just a year ago. Walnut is another wood undergoing a recent surge in popularity. Bamboo, which is not actually a species of wood but a type of grass, had been requested twice as often over the last year as the year before.

Shifts in Decorative Styles

A changing taste in decorative styles likely accounts for the trends in wood species. There’s a gradual shift away from traditionally styled cabinets towards transitional and eclectic styles. In kitchen cabinets, this shift is reflected most in cabinet door styles, the component of cabinetry that most defines the kitchen’s overall style. Although recessed and raised panel doors remain popular choices, they’re likely to feature cleaner and simpler lines than in the past.

Slab wood doors are ideal for contemporary kitchens, offering a sleek style that’s easy to maintain and keep clean. Made Wood Kitchen Cabinetsfrom a single piece of wood, slab doors allow all of the beauty of the coloring and grain of the wood to shine through.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Decorative styles like Old World, Tuscan and Mediterranean that evoke the mood and atmosphere of life on a country estate demand wood cabinets that are furniture-quality. Although furniture-grade wood cabinets have been trending strongly for some time, more attention is now being paid to cabinet finishes. Over half of the cabinets installed today feature darker finishes.

When it comes to accenting interior décor with an Old World look, distressed finishes are ideal. Glazed or distressed finishes give cabinets the look of treasured pieces of furniture that have been handed down from generation to generation. Whitewashed wood cabinets have become popular design elements for the Shabby Chic decorative style.

Wood Variations in Kitchen Cabinets

Although nothing quite matches the look and feel of solid wood cabinet doors, they’re typically available only for face frame cabinets to allow for the wood’s natural expansion and contraction. Solid wood doors offer you multiple options for enhancing the design with edge profiles like ogee and beveled edges. Solid wood doors can be carved to allow for finger pulls too, giving the cabinets a sleek look and eliminating the need for pulls and handles. Other types of wood cabinets are made with a particle board or other material that is covered with a wood veneer or laminate.

A material that can be cut and carved into a limitless number of designs, shapes and sizes, wood is likely to remain the number one choice for cabinetry for years to come. Nothing quite makes the room where everyone inevitably gathers as welcoming as warm and wonderful wood.

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