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Hickory Kitchen CabinetsThere can be no doubt that wooden cabinets are a popular choice in many kitchens. The warmth and natural beauty of wood helps it to fit into most decorative styles, and wood is a great way to make a family space seem more inviting and welcoming to guests. If you choose to work with hickory in your own kitchen, you can look forward to a beautiful and rustic look from the wood.

Hickory is a durable and strong material, which is what makes it such a great investment. However, many individuals are not sure about how to decorate in a kitchen that features hickory. Here are some suggestions for decorating a kitchen with hickory kitchen cabinets.

Choosing the Cabinet Color

One of the main characteristics of hickory wood is its grain, which is very noticeable and difficult to sand down. For this reason, a rustic look is often the most appropriate choice for kitchens that feature hickory. When it comes to the color scheme, however, it is important to note that hickory naturally comes in several different colors.

You can find a pale hickory, which look similar to pine and is a blonde wood. There is also a medium brown color that looks like honey, reddish hickory that looks closer to cherry than anything else and a darker brown that can help transform a space into a formal area. Before you can determine the color scheme, be sure that you know which shade of hickory you will have for your kitchen cabinets.

Finding the Right Flooring

After the cabinets, the next largest aspect of your kitchen will probably be the flooring. Not only will the flooring and the cabinetry touch, which means they directly contrast, but they will Hickory Kitchen Cabinetsalso both take up a large portion of your view when you enter the kitchen.

If you can match the hickory wood coloring exactly, a monochromatic look can be attractive. Otherwise, choose a neutral tile or a much darker flooring made from mahogany or walnut for a rich contrast.

Comparable and Contrasting Colors

Like with flooring, the best way to approach the colors in your kitchen is to compare or contrast it to the hickory wood. When in doubt, neutrals are a smart choice. Ivory, beige, cream and even a deep brown can be a great way to highlight the natural colors of the hickory cabinets without being too overwhelming. If you prefer to have some visible contrast, consider a soft yellow color.

Smaller Accessories and Finishing Touches

The smaller touches are what can bring the whole kitchen together, so be sure to incorporate a few additions in the space. If you have lighter hickory and white walls, bursts of bold color can be appropriate. If you have a range of soft neutrals like beige and light brown, add in some pinks or purples to liven up the space without attracting too much attention.

With these helpful tips, decorating around hickory kitchen cabinets can be an easy task that improves the look of the entire space. Find a beautiful selection of kitchen cabinets as well as other kitchen remodeling products at DirectBuy. Visit www.directhomediscount.com to learn how you can get home improvement products at dealer pricing.

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