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Pine Kitchen CabinetsHave you been wanting to update your kitchen but just couldn’t decide on some of the details? Do you find the previously trendy black, white and stainless steel kitchen design elements a little out of your comfort zone? If the trends of the last few years have kept you from taking the redesign plunge, now might be just the time to get started on a kitchen update. Check out some of the newest kitchen cabinet trends and you’re sure to find something that fits into your design style and lifestyle.

Updating Cabinets

Refacing ranks high on the list of new cabinet trends. Refacing your cabinets is a less expensive project than replacing your cabinets. With so many people on tighter budgets, this trend continues to gain in popularity. Whether you choose to reface or replace, the trend in kitchen cabinets is sleek and simple. Low maintenance is a key element in cabinet design. There are many more enjoyable activities to engage in than meticulously caring for high maintenance cabinets.

Counter Tops

It’s hard to draw a line of separation between kitchen cabinets and counter tops. The two need to complement each other in order for your kitchen to be as impressively attractive as possible. Quartz and concrete are two counter top materials emerging as the material of choice for trendy kitchen designs.

Quartz counter tops are appearing more often in kitchen designs. This could be due to their magnificent durability. They also fit right into the simplistic theme that is so popular today.

Concrete is also becoming a popular choice of counter top material in today’s kitchens. An extensive selection of color is one of the enticing aspects of concrete. Concrete counter tops can be shaped into configurations customized for your kitchen. Another appealing and unique feature of concrete counter tops is the option of having decorative or personalized items Kitchen Cabinet Hardwareembedded in the concrete.

Cabinet Colors

White still remains a popular color for kitchen cabinets, but it is certainly not the sole option. Gray, cream and green are quite trendy right now. Light wood tones are also a popular choice. Perhaps one of the most appealing trends is the concept of using more than one color for your kitchen cabinets. Light colored top cabinets are being paired with darker colored or dark wood stained kitchen islands and base cabinets.


In keeping with the simplistic theme, trendy kitchen hardware options feature uncomplicated designs. Warm metal, brushed nickel and antique brass will complement the current cabinet designs. Some people actually choose to omit the use of cabinet hardware and allow the beauty and simplicity of their sleek cabinets to remain undisturbed.

Cabinets that conceal a variety of small appliances are an essential component in an updated kitchen. The use of cabinet organizers to keep items organized and easily accessible is also a popular trend. No fuss cabinet fronts and hardware and low maintenance counter tops are a part of the trend to keep kitchen designs simple, functional, efficient and attractive.

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