Samsung WA5471ABW and DV5471AEW Laundry Pair Review Featured

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Samsung Washers and Samsung Dryers
Samsung’s WA5471ABW and DV5471AEW laundry pair is on sale at Elite for a limited time!

Samsung is redefining laundry with its high capacity washers and dryers that allow you to do more in less time and with less effort. Right now, during our Samsung laundry sale, it’s the perfect time to learn a little about these amazing appliances and then take them home to make your life a little easier.

The 4.7 cubic foot Samsung top load washer can accommodate a king-sized comforter with ease, which translates to quite a large pile of clothes or bath towels. When laundry piles up, it’s no challenge for this washer. Even when filled to capacity, the Samsung washer performs exceptionally with its PowerFoam Technology. This trademarked system achieves thorough, deep cleaning by combining water, air and detergent to create a foam that fills the entire drum and permeates fabrics completely. The soap reaches the fabrics up to 40 times faster than it does in a traditional washer.

Samsung PowerFoam Washing System
Samsung frontload washers utilize PowerFoam technology to saturate clothes quicker.

When it comes to stains, the Samsung washer does the dirty work for you. The steam setting loosens dirt and grease from fibers, returning clothes to their original state without the need for heavy scrubbing or pre-treatments. When you’re working with something truly dirty, you can rely on Samsung’s sanitization cycle – certified by the National Science Foundation – to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs. The washer also cleans itself with PureCycle, removing dirt and soap scum from the interior, and doing so without the need for strong chemicals.

Once your laundry is thoroughly cleaned with Samsung’s PowerFoam or sanitization cycle, the high-capacity Samsung DV5471AEW dryer finishes the job, delivering fresh, dry, unwrinkled clothes, ready to wear. The dryer has five drying levels, so you can make sure your fabrics receive the proper care, and the sensor dry automatically adjusts load time to make sure clothes are thoroughly dry without over-drying them.

Like the washer, this Samsung dryer can accommodate a king-sized comforter – as well as mountainous piles of clothes. You’ll save time and electricity by running fewer loads of laundry through both the washer and the dryer.

Samsung Dryer with LED Display
The LED display on the DV5471AEW dryer allows you to easily choose between the 13 dry cycles.

Additionally, the dryer has a unique steam setting to eliminate wrinkles and minimize trips to the dry cleaners. Throw your dress for Saturday night or your work clothes for Monday morning in the Samsung steam dryer, and they emerge smelling fresh and looking pressed.

Remember to check out our Labor Day sale this weekend for our Samsung washer and dryer deal and other exclusive savings.

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