Jenn-Air JDB8500AWY Review: Trifecta 24” Dishwasher Featured

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It has been said that good things come in threes, and don’t we love it when that’s true? In fact, we even have a word for three simultaneous achievements – a trifecta.

Built-in Jenn-Air Trifecta Dishwasher
Jenn-Air’s Trifecta dishwasher in floating black glass finish.

It’s that perfect alignment of three positive outcomes, three goals reached, or three lucky occurrences.
When creating its advanced line of Jennair dishwashers, the company felt so good about its achievements, it decided to name the appliance the Jenn-Air trifecta dishwaser. In keeping with its name, the TriFecta combines three coveted attributes into one stellar appliance.

Those attributes include energy and water savings, reliable performance and quiet operation.

In fact, the TriFecta dishwasher features its own trademarked TriFecta Wash System that ensures these three attributes in every wash. The motor runs at various speeds, depending on the current need, and a three-stage filtration system eliminates residue and particles from the water to deliver the cleanest dishes possible.
The TriFecta Wash System can run at a whisper of just 43 decibels, so you can run it any time and still enjoy a pleasant conversation in the same room.

Jenn-Air Trifecta Dishwasher with Active Load
The Trifecta wash system provides alternating wash action to clean dishes from every angle.

The dishwasher also maintains its quiet during the dish-loading process. The upper rack rolls out and in effortlessly and silently with the help of 52 ball bearings on each side. The upper rack is also adjustable to accommodate large cookware and serving platters.

Jenn-Air’s Precision Dry system eliminates moisture and water spots at the end of a wash cycle so dishes come out spotless and ready to unload.

When you open the Jenn-Air dishwasher, you see a long line of options on a touch-pad on the top edge of the dishwasher door. Included on that option bar is a sensor wash, which automatically detects the soil level of the dishes in the dishwasher and adjusts the intensity of the wash cycle to the appropriate level.

Trifecta Dishwasher Control Panel
Touch pad controls on the top edge of the dishwasher door.

A SteamFinish option swathes glass stemware in a cloud of steam for pristine clarity, and a plate-warming option keeps plates at an ideal temperature for a dinner party.

While Jenn-Air touts the efficiency, performance, and quietness of the TriFecta dishwasher, a fourth characteristic is also worth noting – the dishwasher’s ultra-sleek appearance. Just like the sound of the dishwasher running is hardly noticeable, the exterior of the dishwasher blends seamlessly into its surroundings so the functional appliance is hardly noticeable.

To accommodate all kitchen styles, the Jenn-Air black dishwasher also has a comparative model in white, the JDB8500AWF, and a custom panel option, the JDB8500AWX model.

Find out more about Trifecta dishwashers at Elite Appliance.

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