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I swear I did not do this to her. Totally Jelly Bean’s idea! You can’t hear but she’s giggling. She has no idea what a dunce cap is anyhow. But this is the ending!

This is how it all started:


When a mysterious pink package showed up on our doorstep, the kids pounced on it. Despite my protestations that it was “just for Mommy’s blog” and was only going to be clothes, the kids were convinced that it was a magical gift sent from Santa himself. (I swear my kids are magpies: Shiny! Shiny! Where? Oooh shiny!)

It turns out they were partially right. But it had nothing to do with what was in the package:


Wheee! While mommy was super excited to get her PV Body gift box, the kids chucked them in a heap and got to the business of playing with the REAL present. The envelope itself. People think it’s a silly cliche that kids are more happy with the wrapping than what’s in it but I offer this to you as evidence of it’s veracity:


Yay! It’s Garden Gnome in my Home! To heck with Elf on a Shelf – that guy is too much work. Garden Gnome makes all his own mischief himself, no parental midnight shenanigans required! (Oh and he’s holding our other surprise: we got a cat! Her name is Luna and she’s perfect for our family in every way. We got her from a local shelter and in the couple of weeks she’s lived with us, we’ve been mouse-free and overjoyed with our new kitty! A big thanks to all of you for your advice and help in figuring out my pet dilemma!)

To show you how much they adored the PV Body package, this happened immediately:


Yes. My brilliant, beautiful children are fighting over an envelope. I’m already writing their wedding toast with this anecdote. You can’t tell from the pic but blood was drawn and there were many tears. I had to put the pink sparkly PAPER BAG in time out. I know.

Cut to a gratuitous shot of my newly redecorated living room for my sister Laura who’s been begging to see it ever since I called her at 10 o’clock at night to cry that I painted my walls toothpaste because I found a can of reject paint at Wal-Mart for $6 when I was really supposed to be shopping for mud to patch up the hole the kids put in the wall which I instead covered up with wallpaper because wallpaper at midnight is always a good idea. ANYHOW I must say I’m quite happy with the finished result now! And see how peaceful the kids are when they have nothing to play with, er, fight over??


The shiny envelope was so popular in fact that it even came to church with us. No lie. Although once we were inside I made them set it on the bench instead of their heads. People at our church love us. We’re like the weekly circus.


BUT! Enough about the packaging! Back to what is actually in it! PV Body is a new company designed to please our inner magpie, er, fitness fashionista. You know, the ADD one? The site is simple: You sign up, take a brief quiz about your workout style and needs, and then for a monthly fee you get a fun package every month with two or three new items picked for you. They select the brands and the styles but you’re guaranteed top-notch designer duds for a bargain-basement price.

So what did I get? First up, a pair of grey Nux leggings (so soft I’m actually wearing them as PJs right this very second) and an Electric Yoga tank. Lately I’ve been really into layering in the gym and so I topped it with my own cropped tee. I figure since I wasn’t really old enough to remember the 80′s much less dress the 80′s, I get a free pass to relive it now.


There is a big downside to the baggy tops though. This happens a lot:


Oops! Blinded by my own wardrobe! Quick, what would Jane Fonda do?! Leg lifts? Hamstring curls? But hey my flash means you get to see the whole top with it’s super flattering lines!

The tank was fun but my real fave was the long-sleeved patterned tee from Colosseum. So soft! So flattering! So warm! It may never make it to the gym! (Oh and I did not grow a third nipple in case you were wondering what that bump under my armpit is. I was so excited to play Fitness Fashion Show that I didn’t both taking off the tags. I didn’t think they’d show up in the pics. Of course they did.)


Thank you Victoria’s Secret for teaching me how to stick my butt and my boobs out in a picture! Of course it would help if I had any butt or boobs. Ah well, I guess I won’t get that supermodel contract after all. (Although if you do want real tips on how to look good in pics, check out my article for Shape 10 Tips to Look Great in Every Photo! And don’t worry – they’re not my tips (obv. I have none – I just gave myself a third nipple) but I interviewed real experts and everything!)


Of course Jelly Bean and I had to road test the clothes. She went and put on her favorite outfit for you too, complete with penguin hat. Gotta say this is my fave way to meditate! Look at her sweet little self with her legs kinda crossed in lotus and her eyes shut like mommy’s!

Last up was the PV Body brand tank. I didn’t expect to love it as I don’t really like wearing shirts with words or with advertisements for the company website on them. (Yes I know that means I hate every race tee I own. It’s true. I never wear them.) But love it I did!


I really loved it! (Notice Jelly Bean’s wardrobe change as well? Every time I came out in something new, so did she! )


Who wants to BE EPIC?!




(bronze pattern leggings are my own, Nike Legend Capris if you’re curious!)

Interested in trying out the service yourself? PV Body is offering you 20% off the normal price of $49.99 a month to try it out (so that would be 39.99 a month. Now you don’t have to bust out your 5th grade math skills. You’re welcome.) when you sign up with this link*. At first, I balked at the price. $39,99 sounds like a lot to me. But when I considered that the blue tank alone is $68, I began to see the genius in their business plan.

And this is the point where I confess that I was so entertained by the whole thing (and so love the idea of getting a little fun gift every month! Shiny!) that I went and signed up myself. Like paid actual money to do this! So I’m not trying to sell you on anything, just trying to share something I love and get you a good deal if you’re interested too!

How would you describe your fitness clothing style? Anyone else really particular about tops with words on them? Do you actually wear any of your race shirts after race day??

*Affiliate link: I do get a small credit if you sign up through my site. That’s not the reason I’m sharing this with you but I did want you to know! If you do decide to try it – whether through my site or theirs – please tell me what you think!!


Written with love by Charlotte Hilton Andersen for The Great Fitness Experiment (c) 2011. If you enjoyed this, please check out my new book The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying EverythingFitness Fashion for the ADD Magpie in You! [Need a last minute gift idea? PV Body Discount] for more of my crazy antics and uncomfortable over-shares!

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