Happy Holidays and Lip Kisses from Me!

Authors: TheGreatFitnessExperiment


I swore I’d never be a lip kisser. At least with anyone I wouldn’t consider joining gene pools with.  This was born out of enduring years of aggressive lip-kisses from a few particular people for whom hygiene was marginal and personal space was non-existent. And yet, here I am, a lip-kisser. And you know what I have to show for it? A big fat cold.

I blame Jelly Bean. Every night we do kisses and she wants one on her soft head, one on her delicious nose and one on her sweet little mouth. She always exclaims, “You give me a kiss! I give you a kiss! We gives eaches others a kiss!” How can you resist that? That’s puppies in a basket wearing hats level of cuteness, is what that is. (Although I still draw the line at lip-kissing other adults that I’m not married to.) Of course, she also gives her germs. That runny nose and sore throat she had all last week that made both of us sleepless and miserable? Merry Christmas mama!

Eh, I’d do it again.

All of which is to tell you that I’m  feeling a little sorry for myself. I wanted to write something fab for you guys, send you off on your  vacation with a giggle and a smile. I also wanted to finish my Christmas shopping, wrap presents, clean my house, finish up my job-work and get a jump on Christmas dinner. Nada. I’m too tired and sick.

So what did I do to lift my spirits instead of one of the many productive things I could have done? This:

Happy Holidays and Lip Kisses from Me!

The coat closet doors were boring. I fixed them!

And I have to say that while I do like the end product – cute fat little birdies on  a wire! – I enjoyed the process so much more. I’d forgotten over the years that writing isn’t the only art form I enjoy. While I’m not great at them, I love playing the piano, drawing and painting, embroidery, crocheting and hardanger (bonus points for anyone who knows that last one! Thank you Girl Scouts!). It was positively meditative standing there and mixing colors and sketching birds and kicking the kids and the cat out of the way every 5 seconds. (Not literally. Mostly.)

So instead of sending you off with our usual gymnastic Gym  Buddy greetings, I’m going to wish you all a happy holiday and new year, and then crawl into bed with a mindless fluff book. Per my usual, I’m taking the week between Christmas and New Year’s off from blogging. In fact, I’m going to try and stay away from the computer in general. I might die. We’ll see how it goes.

Any of you lip kissers? Rediscovered an old hobby lately? Anyone else a snot factory right now??

Love you all! Thank you so much for being in my life!!

P.S. Here are the winners of the two contests. I have e-mailed you all, please respond with your info so I can hook you up with your sweet gear!

Celestial Seasonings:

1) Tricia Long

2) JavaChick:

3) Katie

4) R

5) Amy Vey

Under Armour

1) Abby:

Written with love by Charlotte Hilton Andersen for The Great Fitness Experiment (c) 2011. If you enjoyed this, please check out my new book The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying EverythingHappy Holidays and Lip Kisses from Me! for more of my crazy antics and uncomfortable over-shares!

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