The September Issue: Framework Featured

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by Darina on September 4, 2012

My feature in Framework Magazine is out today, starting on page twenty. I created several recipes for an Italian lunch theme, including a mini Caprese salad and a Kahlua and Callebaut Milk Chocolate Tiramisu, all easy to make but impressive all the same. No one will believe that you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen.

The September Issue: Framework

I love having this spread in the September issue. As a longtime magazine hoarder, the September issue was always my favourite, thick with new fashions and style advice, and recipes for the coming autumn season–my favourite time of year and when I cook the best recipes. If you have a moment, check it out and let the editor know what you think. I think she’s been doing a bang up job since the first edition, and I for one, am looking forward to seeing more of this online publication.


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