Are You ‘Fit for Office?’ A Super Fun Election Day Workout Featured

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October 8, 2012 by Jenn  

Are You ‘Fit for Office?’ A Super Fun Election Day Workout

Are you ready to duke it out? Credit: Mitchel Gray for Town Sports

We never get overly political here on FBG. (Why pick a fight? We respect all opinions!), but today we’re wading into the political waters. Or at least the fitness-related political waters. Which really just means that we got a super-fun “Fit for Office” workout from New York Sports Club (NYSC) and a themed playlist that we just had to share! It’s clever, timely—and it’ll make you feel the burn to matter who you plan on voting for!

Why the workout was created: “The NYSC is always focused on developing new ways to keep fitness fresh and fun. So with election season in full-swing, we thought that the extremely competitive nature of the race would translate well into a workout,” says Prince Brathwaite, Master Trainer at the NYSC. “We know that competition inspires people to work harder, so whether they are competing against themselves or if they choose a running mate to duke it out with, this class will push people to their own personal best and yield results.”

How to do the workout:Do the below moves for two minutes each without any rest between. If you have more time to work out, do moves 1-7 again, ending with move 8 for double the burn!

What you’ll need:Grab a chair or a plyo box if you have one, a yoga mat, some water, a towel, a workout buddy and some political fire!

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