Ignoring the Chill, But Keeping Winter Workouts Inside Featured

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November 20, 2012 by Erin  

snow winter

Just the sight of this makes me cold. Credit: Kelly Schott

Yesterday over on Fit Bottomed Mamas I talked about my goal for this winter: Not letting the cold, snowy, dark, dreary days keep me from getting out and active.

Hating the cold is as much a part of me as not being a morning person. Unless I’m on the ski slopes or there is snow on the ground, there is no reason one should be outdoors if it is under 40 degrees. I mean, I’m chilly when it’s 70 in the house. (Jenn’s birthday gift comes in handy always.) But while I would totally hibernate and stay by a roaring fire all winter if I could, add in two little kiddos and I start going stir-crazy after Sesame Street is over. Plus my daughter loves being outside, and I hate to deprive her of an entire season of the great outdoors just because I loathe it.

We bundled up the other day to build snowmen and play in our first snowfall. We headed to the park yesterday on a pretty brisk day to play on the playground. I’m trying to suck it up, bundle up and tell myself that the cold isn’t all that bad. That with proper attire, it can be enjoyable to be outside in sub-40-degree weather. I do think that even with my bad-ass “embrace winter” attitude, I’ll still stick with the gym for my workouts. For I cannot fathom bundling up in all sorts of cold-weather sweat-wicking gear to work out in the great outdoors in the months between November and March. No thankee.

Are you a cold weather lover? Or does the chill give you the chills? Or do you bundle up and keep on keeping on? —Erin

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