A Pescatarian Talks Turkey Featured

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A Pescatarian Talks Turkey

Thanksgiving at our house is DELICIOUS. Credit: Kristen Seymour

My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving for both sides of the family. We’ve done this for the past few years, and it works really well. We have enough beds for everyone, we have a good space for gathering around the table, and we can invite local friends over to join in the feast. Plus, Jared and I love to entertain, so it’s perfect. I absolutely love everything about hosting Thanksgiving.

“But Kristen, what about the turkey? You won’t eat it, but do you make one?” Jenn asked when I told her of my plans.

Don’t you all worry. We’ve got it covered.

First of all, yes, there is a turkey. A big one this year, as a matter of fact. I try very, very hard not to be a pushy pescatarian, so just because I don’t eat it doesn’t mean I won’t serve it.

That being said, I’m not too keen on the actual prep work on a turkey. Happily, it doesn’t bother my husband in the least.

See, our Thanksgivings are a true team effort. Jared prepares, brines and fries the turkey (although this year we have a new oil-less infrared “fryer” that’s going to make things safer and healthier. I’m still not going to eat any turkey, but I’m pretty excited!), and he and his sister will handle the mashed potatoes and gravy, and his sister is bringing a variety of cookies. His mom will bring lots of delicious snacks to get us through the day. My mom and dad are coming a couple of days early, and they’ll take care of pies, sweet potatoes and dressing (both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option).

Now, just because I don’t get titillated about turkey doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of goodies to be excited about. I make a killer mac and cheese, a jalapeno corn pudding, a big ass salad. And I’ve got some old family recipes (my grandpa’s Bloody Mary recipe and my grandma’s coffee cake) that I’ll be making for the mornings.

How do you handle it if you don’t eat something you’re expected to serve? Is Thanksgiving a team effort for you, too? —Kristen

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