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Many young professionals spend half of their day sitting at a desk, and while meeting goals in the work space, the body's health can often get neglected. To help keep you moving and give your mind a rest, start incorporating yoga into the workday. These stretches are straight from Darrin Zeer's book Office Yoga: Simple Stretches for Busy People, designed to release weekday stress, and are conservative enough to do anywhere.

Neck Rolls

Loosen up your neck for a brainstorming session. Drop your head to one side. Slowly roll it around in a circle and then switch directions. When you find tight spots in your neck, breathe through them to release tension. If your neck feels more sore than usual, place a hand on your head and gently pull it away from your shoulder.

Arm Pulls

Before you start your first big to-do for the day, stretch out your typing arms. Place one hand behind your back and grab your elbow. Pull that elbow in and release your head, letting it rock from right to left. Switch arms and stretch the other side.

Human Basketball Net

This next move works great as a victory stretch after completing a tiresome project. Interlace your fingers and flex your hands up to the ceiling, extending your elbows. Take an inhale as you shrug your shoulders up, then exhale, relaxing them down. You can alternate your palms downward and upward in this position.

Open Chest Stretch

Before leaving your chair, try this open stretch for a burst of energy. Sit toward the end of your chair and reach your arms back behind you. Holding onto the seat, stretch up and forward. Open your chest and tilt your head back, arching your spine.

Feet and Ankles

While you're busy on the phone or typing emails, extend your legs out underneath your desk. Roll your feet around to stretch your ankles. Notice how you start to get your attention back in this discreet stretch. You can even do it in meetings without creating a distraction.


Rag-Doll Pose

If you're waiting at the copy machine or taking a bathroom break, re-energize yourself with a full-body stretch. Let your core collapse forward as you reach your arms to the floor. Allow your knees to bend, and extend with breaths as you feel your back loosen up.

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