How Hard Do You Like Your Workout DVDs to Be? Featured

Authors: fitbottomedgirls

December 15, 2012 by Jenn  

How Hard Do You Like Your Workout DVDs to Be?

Do you like your workout DVDs to get you super sweaty? Credit: Kullez

Is it just us, or have you guys also noticed that workout DVDs seem to be getting tougher and tougher these days? That the aerobics routines where you dance and bounce around have been traded out for high-intensity interval training where the sweat pours and your heart pounds loudly in your ears? Sure, you can still find some really good beginner workout DVDs, but it seems like in the last couple of years the intensity has been taken up. Waaay up. And that not only are there more workout DVDs on the market like this, but also that we’re wanting harder and harder ones that challenge us more and more? I mean, just take Amy Dixon’s latest workout DVD that we just reviewed—it has “Breathless Body” in the title for crying out loud! So, in true FBG fashion, we thought: Hey, let’s put it to a poll!

As always, keep the discussion going in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts—and get your recommendations on what you think the hardest workout DVDs out there are! –Jenn


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